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Contract Address: 0x87c91Dd4552c67a4B82F8008Fa08458ca5E62008

The KingKing ofof XRP rewardsrewards at 7%7% rewardsrewards every 6060 minutesminutes


7% Rewards in XRP

7% of every buy/sell is taken and redistributed to all holders. Highest XRP rewards tokens on the market. Hold $XRPApe tokens, earn XRP! Minimum 100 000 000 tokens


Auto Distributed Every 60 Minutes

Earned XRP is automatically sent to your wallet every hour. Note: In periods of lower volume it may take longer, but you will always get your XRP!


3% Auto Liquidity Pool

3% of every transaction is sent into liquidity for PancakeSwap. This helps create a price floor and stability while you HODL!


5% Marketing Wallet

5% of every transaction is allocated to Marketing in XRP to allow for longevity and growth of XRPApes. Swaps to XRP happen in real time to avoid dumps.

The Pixel Apes Club by XRP Apes

Become an ape with diamond hands when you join The Pixel Apes Club. 10500 Randomly generated PixelApes being released over 10 seasons.

  • Traits

    143 Traits and Color Variations 9 body colors - male and female version (female has rarer drop chance) 5 face colors 10 eye colors 12 background colors 29 glasses 71 different hats & hair Styles 7 variations of cigarettes and pipes

  • Season 1

    Released April 2021

  • PixelApe #0001 - PixelApe #1000

  • Season 2

    Coming December 2021

  • PixelApe S2#0001 - PixelApe S2#1000

  • XRP Apes Top 500 holders Pixel Ape Special Edition Airdrop.

  • Season 3 - 10

    Coming in 2022 - Release schedule to be announced

XRP Apes roadmap

Q4 2021

The Pixel Era

The Pixel Era involves tying up all the loose ends a meme token must go through. XRP Apes is looking to get full CMC listing/tracking and Trust Wallet logo complete. The Pixel Apes Club will continue to release upcoming seasons while a new NFT set by XRP Apes will be introduced.

Q1 2022

The Golden Era

The Golden Era for XRP Apes involves its expansion into the NFT scene and the release of its first high quality NFTs (ERC721). Gamefi platform for staking/transforming XRP Apes NFTs will also be introduced . The XRP Apes Trading Card NFT game will be announced aswell.

Q2 2022

The Mutant era

The Mutant Era involves the launch of XRP Apes Mutant NFT Apes that you will be able to evolve from the gamefi staking platform. The alpha of XRP Apes Trading Card NFT Game will be released with the ability to buy random card packs. Introductions to XRP Apes A.I. generated NFTs will be released.

Q3 2022

The A.I. Era

The A.I. Era is the final stage in XRP Apes new road map. This will involve the release of a A.I. generated NFT set and will also include the release of XRP Apes TCG NFT game beta where players will be able to test early game features. Collab with BNB Shinobi Metaverse to introduce XRP Apes NFT's into the game. The release of XRP Apes new road map will also be launched.

Total Tokens

100,000,000,000,000 (100 Trillion)


50,000,000,000,000 (50 Trillion)


5 Trillion (10% of Circulating Supply)

Fair Launch

45 Trillion (90% of Circulating Supply)

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